100% ecological. 100% honest.


In the house, we use the water coming from the metropolitan water system. However, for the garden, swimming pools and vegetable patch, we use the water provided by our water-wells. 

Additionally, rainwater is usually collected in a big water tank.



All the wastewater are treated in an artificial wetland built within the property.

At the same time, this provides a natural habitat for different forms of water life, such as plants, dragonflies, frogs and birds. It is not unusual to also see water snakes in the swamp.  



We have built a photovoltaic station, and we produce at least 90% of the electricity we need at home. The remaining energy we buy to the SOM Energia cooperative that only works with renewable energies

We use led lights for the majority of our lighting as well as energy efficient home appliances.

The water is warmed by the sun and the central heating is powered by biomass boiler that mainly uses pellet fuels. 

For both the barbeque and the fireplace, we use wood found in the property, mainly holm oak, oak and almond trees



100% of the organic matter produced is recycled in our compost bins. 

The glass, paper, cardboard, metal cans, plastic bottles and carton packages are recycled in their respective bins. 

We welcome our customers with an eco-kit which includes: 

- recycling bins

- a compost bin

- a zero-waste shopping set

- a cork waste

- a used oil waste



The property is a CCPAE certified organic horticultural farm. 

We farm our lands to obtain local organic vegetables and fruits while empowering the auxiliar wildlife that helps us regulate plagues. 



Hunting is forbidden in our land. 

After the wildfires that our property suffered in 1994, we have increased our efforts to recover the forest using native species such as cork oak, cerioid oak and umbrella pines within others. 

We work in cooperation with our neighbours to promote a Private Natural Reserve to further advocate the conservation and restoration of the biodiversity of our mountain. 



In the measure of what is feasible, we try to sustain local suppliers and collaborators to promote local relations, trade and businesses. 

The Launderette uses the services from the AcidH organisation; a non-profit organisation which has been working for the past 25 years to enhance the socio-laboral inclusion of people with Limited Intelligence (OIL) and/or slight Intellectual Disability.