Nature, wellness, sustainability, gastronomy, oenology, sport…

In Ca l’Andreu you come here to disconnect, but also to experiment. Using the resources that are available in our surroundings, we have designed unique activities that we are sure you will enjoy. Will you propose your own?


It is possible now to understand all the secrets of the flora and fauna of our landscape without consulting Google. Enjoy a walk through

nature guided by a local terrain specialist. The perfect experience to share with the family and leave smaller ones astonished and


In vino veritas

It would be sinful to not give its well deserve merits to the D.O. Alella. Its vineyards are not only part of the scenery, but there is also a

little bit of all of us in its wines. Walk with us through two of the most influential wineries in the area: Celler Quim Batlle and Alta

Alella, and discover the true meaning of an ecological wine. Should we start the tasting?

Pick & Cook

From the garden patch to the table. The Km0 here takes on a whole new meaning. Thanks to this fun activity you will become an expert in plant growing and in the kitchen. The chef Yves Nicolier will give you all the tips and tricks for an organic and delicious menu. Eating fresher than this is impossible.

· P · A · U · S · A ·

If yoga balances your body and mind, then imagine practicing it in a place like this. A P·A·U·S·E to disconnect from your routine and connect with the things that truly matter to you. Sing up to our workshops that combine yoga, meditation, breathing and massages for your absolute wellbeing. Ommmmmmmm.